Product Description

Back flip cleaning tool from Ettore

The perfect balance of speed and performance.

One tool – four uses. With the touch of a button you can use individually or in time-saving combinations.

The Backflip combines our Quick Release Squeegee with our Golden Glove Washer.

Sizes 10″, 14″ and 18″ (25cm/35cm/45cm).

Squeegee available in Brass or Stainless.

Channel is 2″ longer than Washer.

Brass Backflip

size code
10″ (25cm) 71100
14″ (35cm) 71140
18″ (45cm) 71180

Stainless Backflip

size code
10″ (25cm) 71101
14″ (35cm) 71141
18″ (45cm) 71181